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اعتماد به نفس بعضی ها رو اگه خر داشت الان سلطان جنگل بود *** دوغ قبول شيركاكائو قبول آبميوه پاكتى قبول اصلا نوشابه هم قبول آب معدنى رو ديگه برا چى تكون ميدى؟ *** بدجوري تو دلم نشستي، پاشو درست...

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Rangarang TV Network

As the only premiere Persian language production and broadcasting company on the East Coast of the United States, Rang-A-Rang Television has been serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. since 1989. Today, through Direct-to-Home Satellite technology, We are offering 24-hour Persian programming to more than 80 million Persian speakers throughout its coverage area.


Join Us

Rang-A-Rang's satellite coverage spans North America, Europe and the Middle East. Our programming is comprised of news, politics and call-in shows. We aim to entertain and inform. To participate and share your views with millions of other viewers and listeners we invite you to call Rang-A-Rang. Join us to day and become a partnership in our sublime mission


Support Us

In fact as a family we all have one target about our country. Our mission is try to stability democracy and freedom for our ancient homeland persia. So we need each other in this way. you can be a hero for your country right now, just join to your new family and support us!


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We are a family, we need to support ourself...

Contact Info

2221 Chain Bridge Road
Vienna, VA 22182
Tel: 703-255-9500
Email: davar@rangarang.us


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